I Am Future Wise | 5 STEP P.A.U.S.E.
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What is the 5 Step P.A.U.S.E.®?


One of the three primary tools for FutureWise is the 5 Step P.A.U.S.E.®  This method of change is designed to integrate your “Outer Screen” and your “Inner Screen”.  It is personalized and modified to apply to a number of specific issues (stress, creativity, resilience, parenting, fitness, leadership, communication, etc. ) Because a large degree of our behavior is automatic and unconscious, it’s important to understand how to incorporate a consistent and personalized practice into our lives that will increase our potential for balance, well being and fulfillment.

Briefly, the five steps of P.A.U.S.E. are as follows:


STEP #1- (P):  PAUSE & PREPARE                                                         INTENTION PHASE

When we begin P.A.U.S.E., the first step is to PREPARE ourselves for an “inner-active” focus, by shifting our attention from our “Outer Screens” to our “Inner Screen”.  As we proceed with the learning layers of P.A.U.S.E., you will learn how to deepen the PREPARE phase of P.A.U.S.E.  As an introduction to the process, we simply need to learn how to slow down, get quiet “inside” and shift our attention from the surrounding outside Circles of Influence  to what is going on inside of us.


STEP #2- (A):  ATTUNE & ALLOW                                                         ATTENTION PHASE

Once you have shifted your focus to your “inner world”, you  can “tune in” or attune, to three different streams of information. Your “thought stream” is the myriad of thoughts that cross your mind every second.  From an “Inner Screen” perspective, this is part of your “back story”, what you’re telling yourself about how the world works, what’s fair, what’s unfair, what you want, what you need, what’s good, what’s bad, etc. In the scripts that are written for movies, it’s part of a character’s “ghost” or past experiences that are playing a major role in the character’s  present patterns of behavior. Everyone has their own personal “back story” about life. It develops in our BACK STAGE, from the time we’re born, and maybe even earlier. Most of us think that our “back story” is actually true, and much of it may be, but it’s constructed in many different ways (conscious and unconsciously) at many different developmental levels, which means that it is ALWAYS full of self deception and “blind spots”, reflecting the basic protective workings of the human mind. Our story construction process makes it important to “be kind” to ourselves and remember that our “back story” comes from a lifetime of “piecing together” our world in ways that helps us cope and survive, whether it’s accurate or not.  We’re still here, we’ve made it this far, and our “story” has helped us in many ways to survive. We will learn over time that that becoming aware of our story, without judgement, is the first step toward change.

The second stream of information lies in the dimension of feelings.  Feeling streams are directly linked to thoughts and the interplay between these two streams of information is critical. By learning the necessary strategies to manage the thought stream, the emotional stream can be aligned and altered accordingly.

The third information stream for this Attune and Allow step  is the body stream. Again, this dimension is directly interactive with the thought stream and the feeling stream of information. As you learn to pay attention to these three streams of information more carefully you can develop higher levels of skill in managing the three dimensions of Attune,  according to your individual needs and desires.

In summary, when you Attune, you’re  ”listening” to your three inner streams of information and using this knowledge to develop higher levels of awareness and well being.


STEP #3- (U): UNCOVER & UNLEARN                                                 DISCOVERY PHASE

Because we are masters of self deception, we all have our personal “blind spots” and barriers that interfere with our well being.  The third step of P.A.U.S.E.  is important to uncover and unlearn our old embedded “blind spots” or negative elements that create barriers to our future growth and success. When we Uncover and Unlearn, we commit to becoming aware of our underlying intentions and to changing old and outdated inner elements that may be “stuck” in the in some of the “muck” of our past. Uncovering and Unlearning deals directly with our intention to move beyond our barriers and to deconstruct the limiting beliefs from our “back story” that keep our negative, unworkable behavior patterns in place and prevent a positive new story for our future.


STEP #4- (S): SHIFT & SUBSTITUTE                                                             ACTION PHASE

Once we have determined what we need to Uncover and Unlearn, we can Shift in Step #4, to a new positive action that can assist us in the change process.   This action must be concrete and measurable. This is not something that ONLY takes place in your head, but instead, something that is translated to the “real world” and can be verified by people that surround us in our circles of influence.

Research indicates that old embedded habits from our “back story” take at least 30 days, and sometimes can take up to six months or more, to change. The old patterns have worn a “groove” in your brain’s “recording device” that has to be replaced by a new “brain groove” before it becomes permanent.  It’s important to understand that this brain based “rewiring system” needs time and commitment and this is one of the places where most people fail. For example, almost everyone has made a new year resolution, only to feel bad when they failed to keep it.  Our fitness clubs around the country thrive at the beginning of a new year with well meaning newbies, all with the best of intentions. In talking to fitness club managers, they pretty much agree that most of the well meaning sign ups, “peter out” at around three or four months. Why is this?  Although the Shift in P.A.U.S.E  may have occurred toward a new pattern of behavior, the pattern must be “anchored” in the real world on a daily basis.  This means that the Shift in and of itself is not enough without incorporating a number of “anchors” to create the “cementing” of a new behavior.



When we Elevate in the 5 Step P.A.U.S.E,  we advance the change process to a higher level through the new “anchoring” process. Through Elevation, we prepare ourselves to deal with a number of significant external forces that can keep our old “learned limitations” in place.  Elements such as

-The original power (neurologically) of our old embedded patterns.

-The toxic Circles of Influence around us that even if unintentional, support our old patterns and sabotage our attempts to move forward in the change process.

-Our old embedded “back story” that is contaminated with our personal “blind spots” from the BACK STAGE of our past.

-Our current use of Toxic Time and our unwillingness and commitment to devote quality time to our “inner world” in order to change the negative elements of the  past.

-The quality of how we pair our Intention with our Attention. For most of us, even if we “intend” to spend quality time with our “inner world”, it’s far easier to get swept away by the outside “screens” that amuse and distract us, in a consumer oriented society that reduces the necessary amount Attention and commitment to “anchoring” the new elements of the change process in our life.

When our new positive behaviors can be maintained and anchored over time, we have completed the Elevation stage of the 5 Step P.A.U.S.E.  and effectively we can move to a different level of well being and success.