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ENTERTAINMENT is defined as something that is amusing, diverting and or engaging, provided by a performer or OUTSIDE source of information. The KEY to this definition lies in the fact that the source of the entertainment is not you, but instead it’s provided by the world OUTSIDE you. Sometimes you enjoy the entertainment, while at other times, it fails to be delightful or engaging, depending on what the creators of the entertainment had in mind, the values they are communicating,  and how that particular entertainment creation matches your individual needs and wants. 


INNERTAINMENT, on the other hand, is defined as CHOICE-FULL ENTERTAINMENT, something that,  is amusing, diverting and/or engaging, but unlike entertainment, the SOURCE of the innertainment is within YOU.  Your innertainment consists of the stories, movies, pictures, concepts, thoughts, feelings and themes that run through YOUR mind and your INNER world. 


In a nutshell, Entertainment is THEIR stories, while Innertainment is YOUR stories.


The INNERTAINMENT method is employed by using the three stages of the FUTUREWISE THEATER  (See 3 Stage Theater  http://www.iamfuturewise.com/your-inner-theater/) to enhance motivation and engagement with kids and families, especially in today’s age of increasing “noise” and distraction.  


At FutureWise, we believe that YOUR stories, and how you create and develop them, are far more important than THEIR stories.  We also believe that you can improve your life using the entertainment medium in new and powerful ways, if you understand how to use it to increase CHOICE-FULLNESS.


INNERTAINMENT has been developed as a unique methodology to help individual’s improve their lives and develop their CHOICE-FULLNESS skills of AWARENESSABILITY, and CONTROL.