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Is it really possible to live above today’s “mind numbing” noise ?  The answer is YES, it IS possible, and critical now more than ever for everyone’s well being.


From a FutureWise perspective there are 3 integral change dimensions that can be combined to learn to live above the noise more effectively.

STEP #1: TIME DESIGN   The first step in the FutureWise process is Time Design.  This is NOT the same as time management.  Time Design addresses the specific TYPE and QUALITY of time that you spend in your life. Our Time Design tool discusses five different types of time and provides a simple assessment to help you understand your own personalized time priorities, and how they effect your positive well being.


STEP #2:  CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE    We are surrounded and immersed in a wide range of external Circles of Influence.  Without realizing it we become more and more comfortable and invested in the “payoff” these circles offer us, failing to understand how they effect us over time.  Once we decide to re-design our time priorities, we must also re-evaluate the Circles of Influence that surround us and modify or “re-circle” these influences in ways that support our new FutureWise priorities.


STEP #3:  5 STEP P.A.U.S.E.   It is no longer possible to live in the accelerating culture of noise without a set of personalized strategies, designed to consciously break the increasing cycle of noise and re-balance our inner levels of distraction, data overload, distorted information and stress.  The 5 STEP P.A.U.S.E. is not meditation or mindfulness, but instead, provides a simple change process for self improvement.  P.A.U.S.E. is quick, flexible and powerful, providing a science based tool, that allows one to begin to modify behavior at a very simple level and to move deeper into the change process according to personal needs, wants and priorities.


Combining the THREE FutureWise dimensions above, offers a dynamic set of tools to enhance your well being and to help you filter the increasing Cycle of Noise. This imposing Cycle of Noise has, and will continue to become, an increasingly dominant force in society, combining the power of technology, media and consumerism, in manipulative formats, that continue to accelerate at higher and higher levels in the future.