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What do we do, when we’re overloaded with incoming information and “noise” from the Circles of Influence that surround us,  and at the same time, need to make quick and vital decisions for our future?


These days, we do the best we can, given our “time crunch”, and usually rely on a few of the KEY elements that can help us resolve important situations as soon as possible.  But most of us take the “shortcuts” necessary at the time, to get the results we hope for, especially if we don’t have the energy or luxury of time, to deepen our decision making process.  This is most of us today, and ESPECIALLY our youth, who have been raised in the  CULTURE OF NOISE on a speed and instant gratification “diet”.


Even though this strategy seems practical, it’s not the best idea for the future, and “guarantees” a high probability of poor decision making as we move through our life stages.



Scientific research (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_functionsprovides us with a wealth of information about how our brain is developmentally organized over the stages of our lifetime, and where our highest potentials for success, well being, happiness, awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creativity and wisdom reside. These KEY abilities are part of our personal balance and Self Management Tools, we call our CENTERPOINT.



Our brain based executive functions and our Self Management CENTERPOINT, are the key to becoming more FutureWise.  It is this particular function that allows us to make powerful and positive CHOICES throughout our lifetime, as long as the CENTERPOINT is given the high priority it deserves and is developed as part of our daily living.  Our CENTERPOINT is the focal point for our choice-fullness strategies, tools, and methods, offering the critical foundations for successfully elevating our lives and moving forward into a positive and fulfilling future. The CENTERPOINT brain based functions take up to 30 years, before they are completely mature.


Training a CENTERPOINT MINDSTYLE, at the earliest developmental stages of growth, is one of the most important tasks of mentors, teachers and parents.