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Our accelerating information environment provides us with a wealth of potentially empowering benefits, while simultaneously flooding our lives with disempowering information that can wreak havoc with our time, attention and well being. To protect the future of our families, it’s critical now, more than ever, to be able to understand the difference between these two forms of incoming information.

Empowering information inspires, enriches and elevates our lives. As we gradually unfold our developmental potential, both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the information we are exposed to matters a great deal.  Disempowering information or “noise”, steals our time, robs us of our freedom, manipulates our beliefs and values, seduces and appeals to our blind spots, and “hijacks” our senses and emotions. Using the analogy of food and nutrition, the same wellness principles apply to noise and our “diet” of information. The attention we pay to this dimension of our lives deserves the same priority and scrutiny. The key, to deriving positive and powerful benefits from our incoming information streams, is the awareness that we bring to our engagement with them.

The CYCLE OF NOISE  model http://www.iamfuturewise.com/cycle-of-noise-part-3/ is designed to provide insights into why  it’s important to understand the impact of our incoming information, and how we can interact with it in more effective and empowering ways to enhance our full positive potential.

FutureWise will be explaining this information dynamic in detail, along with how individuals and families can learn to “break” the CYCLE OF NOISE in order to reap the benefits of engaging in empowering forms of information input.