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cinema theatre screen with red seats backgound (aspect ratio 16:9)


Your journey of self improvement uses the entertainment theater metaphor to create the potential of a truly exciting and fun-filled adventure in personal growth.    There are four main components of the INNER THEATER, your BACK  STAGE, FRONT STAGE,  SPOTLIGHT and AUDIENCE.  Imagine for a moment that you’re  going to make a movie about your life using these four parts of your INNER THEATER.



First, you have the BACK STAGE, that contains your past and the BACK STORY that you have created up to this point in time from all your experiences blended with your individual and unique differences as a person. For some of us, the BACK STAGE has been positive and fulfilling, while others have had a more difficult and negative BACK STAGE experience.  One thing is consistent for all of us, we’ve developed our own personal BACK STORY, that plays an important role in our self improvement in the present and in the future.  You can get a quick sense of your BACK STAGE and current BACK STORY by completing the following sentences:



1.  Overall, I’d say that my BACK STORY up to this point in time has been (positive, neutral, negative) (Circle one).  Because …

2.  Right now, the most important, exciting and positive part of my BACK STORY is …



Next, you have your FRONT STAGE.  This represents the present, including  your current goals and objectives, and how you are spending your time.  As you think about your FRONT STORY, complete the following:



1.  The Lead Character (the part of me that dominates my life today) for my current FRONT STORY is…

2.  My Lead Character reminds me of (a celebrity, cartoon character, video game character, friend, parent, relative, etc. ) because the main personality characteristic of my Lead Character is



The third part of my INNER THEATER is the SPOTLIGHT.  This represents the way you’re currently focusing your attention in the present FRONT STAGE of your life, in order to move successfully into the future.  Your time management and the value that is placed on the kind or quality of time you spend, comes into play for the SPOTLIGHT.   Ask yourself the following questions:



1.  What am I doing with my time to maximize my self improvement and well being?

2.  Do I feel in charge of my choices in life?  Are they getting me to where I want to be in the future?



The fourth and final part of the INNER THEATER is your AUDIENCE.  This represents the people and situations in your future that will play an important role in how successful, happy and fulfilling your life will eventually become.  As you continue to develop your FRONT STORY and increase your well being and self improvement skills, who will be involved in your AUDIENCE?  

1.  My future FRONT STORY will include the following people in my AUDIENCE



Because …



This gives you just a brief overview of  your INNER THEATER.


We develop the INNER THEATER metaphor in far more depth, in our INNERTAINMENT PROGRAMS, to help you discover more of the critical parts of your INNER THEATER that combine to make your personal journey of self improvement and well being complete.